Feba Renovation Company has started on 1 June 2003. With over 10 years of experience, we ensure a high quality end products. We are specialized in all common constructions. Renovating and / or placing your bathroom or kitchen, painting, carpentry , placing windows or dormers, we are of all trades. We offer top quality at attractive prices. Our 10 employees are all motivated Slovak craftsmen and know how to tackle.The people we work with are all professionals. We select them very carefully! Average hourly rate- starts at 16.20 euros per employee!


What we offer:

- High quality finish

- Professional Service (We find service very important! And some problems can not wait until the next day. For those matters we are available 24 hours a day!)

- Quick Start

-Attractive prices

- We provide total maintenance. We manage the entire project. All details are correct.* The people who do the work are all professionals.

 -One simple point of contact – a single supplier to talk to, giving you one overview.

 -Cost-effective with no end surprises



We have professionals on staff who are proficient in all areas of construction. All types of construction work are among our activities include:

- Painting

- Ceiling plaster

- Electrical installations

- Skylights

- Placing bathrooms/Kitchens

- Water pipes,

- Gas pipes

- Central heating

- Drywall Systems

- Carpentry: Furniture, stairs, windows and doors renovation

- Bricklaying

- Tiles: Ceramic tiles in all sizes

- Preparatory work for the construction and sizing


        What is important to us?

  • The safety and health protection during costruction
  • Customes satisfaction
  • Professional approach
  • Responsibility
  • Proving a warranty of 24 months